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May Day Divination

Updated: May 2, 2018

Happy May Day, Beltane, Walpurgisnacht, full moon in Scorpio, etc.

The senita cacti in my yard are blooming, huge white flowers that burst for a night and wilt the next afternoon. Birds at the feeder are gluttonous, finches and cardinals and mourning doves and woodpeckers all crowding each other. They’re messy and rude and I don’t like them. I keep feeding them though. The walk between the parking garage and my work building is getting longer and longer as the Tucson heat begins its steady swell.

Here’s what I’ve been into lately:

This clay mask from Tucson Herb Store

Earth Gong Baths with Danielle Dvorak

Crapalachia: a Biography of Place by Scott McClanahan

Pussy willow branches, baby’s breath bouquets, and reishi mushrooms

Root syrup for balanced digestion (which I found at Ninth House)

Yelling at birds

Watching Wild Wild Country on Netflix

So what’s becoming? What do we need hearing for this season? I crack an egg for my Yaga self. I cast the runes to see.

The past: The dark, green earth. A birch grove, a garden. In the past, you’ve had a sanctuary to protect your creative self. You’ve carved a space to heal and recuperate. It may have been in your home, in your family, in your dreams. A deep comfort. You grew there. Protected yourself and found strength in your secrecy. Remember this time of renewal, this safe place. Remember how to conceal yourself and gather your strength.

The present: Now the sun is out. You are setting goals, meeting goals, accumulating success. You have tremendous motivation and will achieve new heights, a revelation. Your spiritual will and physical health is increasing, a fire burning. You are light, you are pure. Invigorated. You have the optimism and focus to persist, so persist. If any matter troubles you, cast daylight upon it, see it clearly. You are whole.

The future: A hail storm is coming soon. A time of crisis and catastrophe. There will be some radical changes and disruption. It will be uncomfortable and it will be unavoidable. This is you being confronted by a power beyond your ability to control. Accept it. The hail will melt into pools of much needed water. So prepare to seek shelter and have patience. And remember that awakening often strikes at times of turbulence. This storm can transform you. Hold tight.

Best action: Here’s what needs to be done. Like a horse and rider, find harmony within teamwork. Be loyal in your relationships. The bonds between you and others, both human and other-than-human, are what will matter most. The best way to reach your goals is through this cooperation. Sometimes this means accepting leadership. Sometimes this means guiding the course. Without trust of those around you, you will struggle.

Those around you: You may find that you do not have as much control over the people around you as you may think. After all, control of any circumstance is an illusion. Let it go. Don’t dwell in the past or trouble over the future in your relationships, not everything can be predicted. Be aware of how luck and chance are playing into interactions with the people in your life. There is order and purpose behind seemingly random events taking place. Embrace the unknown elements that others bring into your life. These people may uncover hidden secrets or share some wisdom you need to hear.

Obstacles: Your greatest challenge will be your need for space. In order to create, you will need isolation, a place alone to find your shape. You are a seed. You have a wholeness stored inside you. Once your dormant skills are awakened, once you have overcome your self-doubt, there is so much potential for growth and creation. You are a new moon. Meditate on that. Find the time. Center yourself. Rest. Make yourself delve deep.

The outcome: Here’s how all this culminates. You break through resistance. Become a giant. A force of power, turning barren rock into soil. Your actions will be guided with a strong will. There will be a powerful realization, a thorn that awakens you. This conflict, this pain, will be necessary and should be endured. A time of trials and complexities, a time of destruction, will require your self-empowerment. Become your largest self.

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