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Kim Stoll

Writer/Editor/Dog Crone
About Me

Kim Stoll is a poet and witch living in Tucson, Arizona. She holds a BA in creative writing from Susquehanna University and an MFA in poetry from the University of Arizona. Her chapbook, Anna Lives, is available from Dancing Girl Press, and you can read her work online at Cartridge Lit, Birdfeast, Cloud Rodeo, and The Boiler. She has worked an array of jobs in the nonprofit sector, from county animal shelter to university foundation. She owns four large dogs and yes, they all bite.




Anna Lives
Dancing Girl Press, 2015

Purchase Here

from "What’s Inside of Anna"
Anna is the ground beef lining my skull, the bad milk inside my muscles. Anna’s burnt clay I throw to the river, she’s softening to silt.


"Fever Banishing," "Ferhext," "And All Is Gone," "Uncrossing," & "Brauche"

Parhelion Literary Magazine, July 2020


"Hazards of Mirrors"

Rogue Agent, April 2020



Radar Poetry, April 2020


"The Ball Rolled and Rolled, and He Followed After It"
Corvid Queen, January 2020

"Anna the Incantatory” & “What Anna Meant to Say”

The Pinch, March 2014

 “Anna Well-Mannered,” “Anna Does the Gardening,” & “What’s Inside of Anna”

90's Meg Ryan, September 2013

"Anna Always Bothering," "Syls Sings," & "Sylys Plays the Woodsman”

Cloud Rodeo, August 2013

 “Anna Injured” & “What Anna’s Been Up To”

The Boiler, June 2013


“Anna Unhumored”

Bodega, June 2013


“Anna Like Herself” & “Anna and the Emptying”

Birdfeast, Spring 2013


“Anna and the Rabbits” & “Anna Takes on Water”

Ilk, Spring 2013


 “Mummification,” “Your Algae-Coated Lungs,” & “Damp Pop of Jaws Unhinging”

Permafrost, Winter 2012

 “Body Like a Plow/Startled Easy” & “A Prize Stallion Indeed”

Alice Blue Review, Fall 2012

“We Are Here:” & “On the Upper Peninsula”

Stone Highway Review, Spring 2012


"Dead or Alive" Cartridge Lit, October 2018


2012 Norman Mailer Prize in College Poetry for “If the stars were black, the skies white”

Selected by Meena Alexander and Ronaldo Wilson



& Divination

My witchcraft practice incorporates my animist beliefs and lies somewhere in the cross sections of kitchen, hedge, and green witchery. As an avid learner and gatherer of information, I’m always seeking the unknown.

I believe our stories are what shape us, and through divination we can tell ourselves new stories, create futures and find maps back through the past and into our interiors. For me, divination is a tool to illuminate possibilities and paths of understanding.

Bone Readings

Bone throwing is a form of divination via casting a collection of small objects such as bones, shells, trinkets, etc. I throw with a custom set of animal bones on a rabbit hide surface. Each bone has specific meanings and associations tied to them, and where they fall on the mat and in relation to one another help inform my reading. Learn more about my practice here.



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Contact Me

Feel free to contact me about my writing or anything else. You can also follow me on social media via the links below.

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